Services and Procedures




The drilling and extraction of water has no secrets for us, we deal with the licensing and legalization of the hole, the drilling itself, the insertion of pipes, installation of the necessary plumbing and the electrical system.

It should be noted that we have machinery capable of performing jobs of any diameter and depth and in any location, even in the most difficult accesses.
Within this area our operations cover:
1: Estimates with specialized technical support
2: Execution of technical reports
3: Execution of vertical research drillings
4: Transformation of these drillings into water extractions
5: Pumping Tests (flow rate)
6: Conducting water analysis
7: Carrying out the necessary steps for the licensing and legalization of the extraction
8: Cleaning of water extractions
9: Execution of drillings for pickets
10: Execution of drillings for geothermal energy
11: Piezometer holes
12: Non-directed horizontal drilling
13: Carrying our studies for underground water extractions
14: Ground lithology studies



Want to drill a hole?
These are the steps to take to achieve it.
1: Visit to the site to recognize the characteristics of the land
2: Determination of the desired location for the hole
3: Licensing of water resources research
4: Selection of drilling methodology and equipment
5: Displacement of drilling equipment to the site
6: Selection and placement of the cladding column (piping)
7: Cleaning and development
8: Carrying out the pumping test (flow rate)
9: Disassembly of all equipment and closure of the hole
10: Selection and assembly of the extraction system
11: Licensing of the use of water resources
12: Analysis of the data collected in the field and completion of the technical report